If you have any one of these skin problems such as Acne, Oily skin , Breakout and pimple, you can use one of the following bars in below,together with  our natural facial tonic with witch hazel/ French Lavender Essential oil mix


SOAPS LIST :  Pineapple/ Linden/ St. John's wort/ Pomegranate/ French Lavender/ Rose/ Mint/ Orange/ Chamomile/ Kefir/ Sage/Lemon/  Basil/ Kiwi/ Melon/ Fennel/Seaweed/ Rosemary / Clay & Honey/ Yarrow/  Lemon Balm/Laurel / Licorice/  Thyme/ Bergamot/ Calendula/Sandalwood/Juniper/ Coffee/ Violet




To pick a soap , please refer to the SOAPS PAGE


For the  witch hazel tonic ,  please refer to the SKIN CARE PRODUCTS PAGE