AROMATHERAPY GRAPEFRUIT ESSENTIAL OIL SPRAY is created for relaxing, refreshing & well balanced moisturizer for the entire body  ..It's a very light oil spray mix with Grapefruit  & Citronella  essential oils and Jojoba, Sesame, Safflower oils together with Vitamin A & E..

It's Unisex and applicable to all over the body and face...Absorbs quickly and smells refreshing pure Grapefruit..

Benefits: A natural toning spray,keeps skin hydrate and slows down skin aging & a powerful cellulite crusher with vitamin C properties..Good for restless legs & circulation..Ease nervous exhaustion & relieves depression, uplifting aroma helps anxiety, bad moods, stress..

Inhaling increases your energy level,recommended to travelers for jet lag..Relief to headache & migraine..

Messaging toward the heart helps cardiovascular support, messaging lower abdomen & feet soles balances hormonal functions.

Usable also by dropping (as needed) to bath-tup relaxation..