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COFFEE SOAP:Contains Coffee oil & coffee powder,Mediterranean Virgin Olive Oil,Glycerin and Lye…

For daily use for face,body for all skin types for deep cleaning & beauty.

From dry to oily to acne-prone to sensitive skin coffee is a very effective natural Exfoliant in natural soap..By massaging,rubbing the needed areas this help breaks up the fat cells and decreases the lumps and bumps ever faster..

Fights Acne,Eczema,Psoriasis,Rosacea and other skin problems…It has the ability to calm irritated & redness skin caused by sun damage..The natural oil in coffee contains enzymes that detoxify,cleanse and help unclog pores..Coffee oil is very similar to our natural body oils and has the same PH level as human skin and gives it a soft and silky feel…

Caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for reducing inflammation and redness in your skin.

it regenerates your skin…Caffeine under your eyes will reduce the puffiness and inflammation associated with dark circles…Eye creams meant to erase dark circles contain caffeine..Caffeine is present in almost all types of diet supplements and can also reduce the appearance of cellulite by dehydrating fatty cells,This results in the water disappearing from the surface of your skin..This minimizes the appearance of cellulite, thus providing you with a smoother skin..

Coffee Soap’s one of the benefits is reducing the risk of skin cancer…Caffeine actually kills the abnormal cells that can cause skin cancer…Soap will remove odors from your hands..Onions, garlic and even the heat from hot peppers or even fish smells..

Coffee is also a powerful antioxidant..Caffeine is widely used in Anti-ageing day and night creams in conjunction with Retinol.Using the coffee soap on your face can help get rid of small lines and wrinkles…it is among the best and strongest antioxidants to combat UV damage…Tighten fine lines and smooth puffy skin.
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    Always keep the foam on the skin and/or problem area for a couple of minutes by massaging with facial brush/puff or finger tips. Use it regularly, results may vary in between 1 day to 1 week. After cleansing, if you need moisturizer ,use Grape seed oil and rub evenly on the area.

    Natural soaps are normally softer than commercial soaps because they retain their natural glycerin (which is removed in commercial soap) and contain no artificial hardening chemicals or synthetic waxes…

    ▪ Don't let your soap sit in water , ▪ Store soap on a well drained soap dish , ▪ Allow soap plenty of fresh air to dry between uses , ▪ Never place soap where shower water can hit it ..

    Soaps are handmade cut, therefore Each bar Approx Size 3"X 1" X 2"Weight : 4.00 oz / 100 gram