MENTAL FOCUS BLEND: Add 3 drops or eucalyptus oil , mix with 2 drops peppermint oil to a diffuser and enjoy. INSECT REPELLENT: Use oil in a diffuser. TREAT: Fungal infections & wounds. PAIN: Depending on the type of pain massaging several drops directly over the area of concern. Relaxing effect on achy muscles. Applying it to painful areas increases the blood flow to that area, thus reducing inflammation. AIDS DENTAL HEALTH: Good addition to your toothpaste & mouth wash. BOOSTS HAIR HEALTH: Few drops with coconut oil or Argan oil to massage scalp to nourish. ASTHMA: Massage 1-2 drops over the chest regularly OR add 1-2 drops of oil to a compress OR inhale the aroma directly or diffuse in the air. OR put 3-4 drops in your bath. HERPES, ACNE, CHICKENPOX: Apply oil directly on them. DIABETICS: Use Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil as a local anesthetic IF you’re diabetic, apply to fingertips before finger-prick blood test.

BRAIN BLOOD FLOW: Diffuse throughout the home or classroom to increase circulation to the brain. BRONCHITIS: Use topically or aromatically, massaging into the chest, back and throat, inhaling from a steam tent, or dropping the oil on the shirt collar. CONGESTION: One of the more popular eucalyptus oil uses; try a steam tent or diffuse as needed. Massage over the chest. COOLING: Place several drops in a spray bottle, along with Peppermint oil if you'd like some extra oomph, and spritz over the body.COUGHS: Diffuse throughout the room throughout the span of the illness, but also massage over the chest, back, and throat.SINUSITIS: Apply as a hot compress over the sinuses and massage 1-2 drops into the reflex points of the feet (toes and pads of the feet). You can also inhale from a steam tent or diffuse throughout the room. Over exercised Muscles =Strain, fatigue, etc can all be treated with a gentle massage of eucalyptus oil. Always massage toward the h
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    FLU: You can apply to the abdomen to ease diarrhea, massage into aching joints and muscles, or simply diffuse through the air to open airways and help fight infection. HYPOGLYCEMIA: Another of eucalyptus oil uses, you can help regulate your blood sugar by massaging 1-2 drops into the soles of the feet daily. INFLAMMATION: Massage 1-2 drops over the afflicted area, always moving toward the heart to support the lymphatic system. JET LAG: Inhale deeply. KIDNEY STONES: Massage 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil over the afflicted area up to three times a day. LICE: dilute with coconut oil by dropping 6 drops of eucalyptus oil.FEVER: Because eucalyptus oil uses include cooling the body (above), using 1-2 drops during a high fever can help the body regulate its temperature and support its efforts in fighting infection.

    SHINGLES: Eucalyptus oil uses include shingles for its antiviral properties, as well as its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Massage into the affected areas daily, add to a warm bath, or use a hot compress over the area. EXPECTORANT: To help drain mucus from the lungs, massage 1 drop over the chest at least once a day (I'd personally do three times a day if you're not sensitivity to the oil). DYSENTERY: Massage 2 drops of eucalyptus over the abdomen in a counter-clockwise direction to ease diarrhea, inflammation, and fight infection. EAR INFLAMMATION: Never put essential oil IN the ear canal! However, you can massage the oil on and around the outer ear. Use only 1 drop to start, diluted for children. EMPHYSEMA: Eucalyptus oil uses are wonderful for all manner of respiratory disease. Diffuse the oil daily, massage 1 drop over the chest at least once a day.NEURALGIA: Another of the little-known eucalyptus oil uses, massaging into the areas of concern daily can reduce pain. NEURITIS: Along with neuralgia, massage several drops into the soles of the feet and over the affected areas can reduce inflammation.