FENNEL SOAP : Contains Fennel essential oil & particles , Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Glycerin and Lye… Good for daily use For hand ,face & body . An effective care soap.

Always keep the foam on the skin and/or problem area for a couple of minutes to see the results .. Apply rich foam , massage for a couple of minutes with facial brush,puff or finger tips . Use it regularly, results may vary in between 1 day to 1 week.

SKIN BENEFITS: Not only fennel seeds are antiseptic by nature, but also are loaded with antioxidants… As a result, they help prevent acne, cell damage, while keeping the skin toned... Using fennel seeds as a part of your skin care will help you delay the onset of lines, dark spots and wrinkles and keeps your skin younger & Fennel is known to tone and firm skin, increasing elasticity and smoothness …
Anti-bacterial ingredient is excellent for teens’ or problem skin, prone to acne, irritations, itching, blemishes… It clears, heals ,soothes inflammation and skin irritation , tones skin.. Heal bruises, reduces skin oil... By massaging reduces cellulite, ease joint pains and swelling..You may use grape seed oil or your own moisturizer afterwards if you need.

It is a stimulates blood circulation, being used in anti-cellulite formulations. Toner for Oily & Acne Skin and any other types of skin... Your skin feels thoroughly refreshed.

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    After cleansing, if you need moisturizer ,use grape seed oil and rub evenly on the area.