SEAWEED SOAP :Contains Seaweed,Mediterranean Virgin Olive Oil,Glycerin and Lye…

For daily use for all body and face for deep cleaning and beauty..Ideal to all skin types and sensitive/problematic skin ..

Cleans,hydrates,rejuvenates,revitalizes and exfoliates..Most notable ones are made with pure green ingredients and less soap fillers..Seaweed is packed with vitamins, rich in antioxidants such as beta carotene,minerals and amino acids that are maintaining healthy & youthful skin.It is very gentle on the skin and it's completely natural.

ADDITIONAL SKIN BENEFITS :It combats skin irritation & inflammation, anti-inflammatory compounds can have a positive effect on ACNE explosions which caused by release of sebum .Its anti-inflammatory effect reduces the swelling of this explosion and prevents the skin from drying..PIMPLES are inflammations of the skin pores,which trap the oil resulting in blackheads,whiteheads,deeper pimples.Anti-inflammatory effect reduces the swelling of these explosions..ROSACEA also leads to inflammation and redness and Seaweed reduces inflammations.

Seaweed is also known as anti-bacterial,help to clean deeply,naturally hydrates your skin and keep skin firm,smooth,youthful..As natural exfoliant removes dead skin cells which can block pores.It's gentle enough for sensitive skin & people with PSORIASIS and ECZEMA..Seaweed and its products are used for treating Cellulite.

  • Details

    Soap has very rich,silky,creamy lather…After cleansing, if you need moisturizer ,use Grape seed oil and rub evenly on the area.

    Always keep the foam on the skin and/or problem area for a couple of minutes by massaging with facial brush/puff or finger tips. Use it regularly, results may vary in between 1 day to 1 week.

    Natural soaps are normally softer than commercial soaps because they retain their natural glycerin (which is removed in commercial soap) and contain no artificial hardening chemicals or synthetic waxes…

    ▪ Don't let your soap sit in water , ▪ Store soap on a well drained soap dish , ▪ Allow soap plenty of fresh air to dry between uses , ▪ Never place soap where shower water can hit it ..

    Soaps are handmade cut, therefore Each bar Approx Size 3"X 1" X 2"Weight : 4.00 oz / 100 gram