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YARROW SOAP : Contains yarrow oil and its particles , Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Glycerin and Lye…

For daily use face, body for all skin types for deep cleaning & beauty… Always keep the foam on the skin and/or problem area for a couple of minutes by massaging with facial brush/puff or finger tips. Use it regularly, results may vary in between 1 day to 1 week...

Oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, astringent properties...

ADDITIONAL SKIN BENEFITS: Being an astringent ,it drives out excess oil from the skin.. It shrinks large pores so that they don’t release excess amount of oil from the oil glands. This way, it is helpful in acne, oily skin, large pores..

It is often used to soothe itchy, dry skin, or minor skin irritations such as insect bites or mild rashes..It balances and soothes the skin gently, so that also good for sensitive, combined, and oily skin types. It refreshes skin and keeps it young.

Yarrow tones skin. Its strong soothing properties can be helpful to those suffering from inflamed skin or chronic redness. It improves blood circulation, protects wounds from being septic and other bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Oil helps cure the scars and eliminating the after marks left by the wounds, acne, pimples,breakouts or boils. Helps treat Dermatitis. It shrinks the skin and promotes skin healing.. Helps relieving sun burns.

This amazing oil balancing, uplifting oil with many practical applications on gynecological issues, wounds and open sores. Yarrow oil can also be seen in many cosmetics, skin care products for relief of dry skin and in hair care products. Oil is also used in salves for alleviating arthritic joint pain. It is also used in perfumes.

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    After cleansing, if you need moisturizer ,use grape seed oil and rub evenly on the area.