Each season is different. Fall and Winter bring dryness and Spring and Summer bring humid to our skin. Then Polution, allergies, dust etc. effect as well. Don't forget the food consumption like fast food, produced, artifical ones, farmed raise food, fries, candies and chocolate and lack of water. Each of them has bad effects  internally and externally ,If we don't pay attention to them.


Our skin is the largest organ of the body. And, Water is very vital for the whole body . Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day and  squeeze fresh lemon into 2 glasses at least to balance your PH level internally and externally to keep your organs healty and immune system strong. During the day give yourself a break for a fresh air ,deeply inhale and exhale . So that your mood will be uplifting and you feel refreshing,energetic again.


On the market,there are lots of products. When you buy a product and realise not good for you, Always remember your food consumption , stress level, seasonal changes, cycle ,  or your laziness that you never give a chance to this specific natural product to work on your body & skin. Listen your body first ,remember  these outside interractions you are experiencing  and  give again more time to the product you are using.


Herbal, natural products are healing. However, prescribed ones are the ones heal you faster ,but more chemicals involved in them and you probably shall end up more serious problems later.  On the other hand natural products go to the root of the problem, but heal you slower then the prescribed ones. Try the nature , we are part of the nature. All drugs, medications are from herbs anyway..


A Soap must clean deeply your skin..All layers of the skin! Moisturizer must moisturize your skin..These are 2 different things! A soap can not be a moisturizing bar. Therefore We do not recommend shea butter, coconut butter, cacao butter type of soaps ,Which are not even a soap. You are just simply clocking your pores , clocking all layers of your skin and ended up with breakouts, bumps, darker looking skin, pimple, acne , rosacea and more.


You can simply clean deeply your face ,body every morning with the soap, and then apply your moisturizing oil, serum, lotion etc, If you need..And , once you routinely follow this step, you shall not observe any skin problems. As a moisturing oil we recommend grape seed oil or  coconut oil (not the coconut butter). Then apply your make up. Oil will keep your skin moisturized all day long.


  • During the day If you feel excessive oil especially around the T-zone of your face, you may swipe off with a witch hazel/lavender tonic of ours.


  • Our soaps have very rich lather, therefore men, women may use also for shaving and  apply witch hazel afterwards on burns , minor bleeding and minor cuts. Witch hazel can be also used after the wax application. A perfect calmer and an astringent.


  • For dryness and Egzema,We always recommend clean the area with a soap  first ,then apply either the Grapeseed oil or Argan oil.


  • We suggest soap, witch hazel tonic and the grape seed oil your to go elixir.


  • Our soaps can be used on a baby skin and cancer patients or survivors as well.


ALWAYS REMEMBER;  The body & skin has to have a balanced PH level , otherwise  it does not function correctly. The higher the PH reading, the more alkaline & oxygen rich the fluid is. The lower the PH reading, the more acidic & oxygen deprived the fluid is. And a healthy blood PH without cancer or any other illness ( Acne, Rosacea, Lupus etc) has acid + alkaline balance almost equal. If you have a health problem ( internal or external) most likely you are acidic. Disease cannot survive in an alkaline state & yet they thrive in an acidic environment.


Consume more water, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, oils internally and externally..And interact with nature more, try walking, and yoga to balance your stress level.